NextAction! is purely built for David Allen's Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology, the groundbreaking work-life management system.

NextAction! is the best GTD app specifically built for iPhone and BlackBerry 10 for those who like to have their life well-organized. Creating & completing next actions with one click, managing contexts and seamless synchronization of all such data creates stress-free productivity.

Only $9.99
Incl. Lifetime Updates

Core Features

  • The only app purely built for GTD
  • 1-click / shortcut context switch (BlackBerry 10)
  • 1-swipe context switch (iPhone)
  • 1-click / keystroke action creation
  • 1-click action save
  • 1-click action complete marking
  • 1-click switch to hide/show completed actions (iPhone)
  • Seamless integration with internal task database, Microsoft Exchange / Outlook (BlackBerry 10)
  • Sync with Microsoft Exchange / Outlook (iPhone)
  • Easy search in all listed actions - Quick view into action's additional notes (BlackBerry 10)
  • Full active frame support with customizable content (BlackBerry 10)
  • Shortcuts for efficiency (quick actions with physical keyboards)
  • Context Management: manage all contexts with custom context coloring, creating / editing / deleting of contexts
Get NextAction! today and start being truly productive!
"The best app for
GTD on any phone."
Paul Johnson, U.S.A.


NextAction! is compatible with all iPhone, BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Legacy OS Smartphones.

A Decade of Expertise

S4BB Limited has over 10 years experience in creating productivity applications for various platforms. The first version of NextAction! was launched initially in March 2006. Until today, NextAction! has been continuously improved over the years and has now become the best tool to implement GTD on-the-go.

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